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Concrete Coating for Fire Services & EMS Garages

Concrete Coating Solutions for Fire & EMS

Welcome to the industry leader in high performance floor coatings for Fire Station floors & EMS garages. At Diamond Polished Design Group Inc., we specialize in the highest grade floor coatings for Fire Houses and EMS Garages in the greater mid-Atlantic region including Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Raleigh, Charlotte, South Carolina and Atlanta. Highly specialized installation techniques and superior chemistry ensure our fire station floor coating is the most durable and the best value in the market today, guaranteed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oOc9-EkjNU

The Superior Alternative to Epoxy

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Don't sell your coating project short by choosing a substandard epoxy coating or an epoxy covered by urethane. Rhino Polyaspartic outperforms them all.

Don’t be fooled by “systems” with fancy numbers, multiple flooring options and inferior products covered up by superior ones saving other floor installers money and costing you in the long run. Substandard epoxy simply cannot compare to Polyaspartic technology.

A Polyaspartic coating floor lasts much longer than traditional paints, sealers, urethanes and epoxies. The added traction and light reflectivity improves safety and provides world class first impressions along with chemical and petroleum protection. Years of research, superior formulations and time tested installation techniques guarantee your Polyaspartic concrete coating will stay bonded under the intense heat of hot vehicle tires and daily abuse. A non slip additive is applied to every coat of our proprietary four coat system.

Polyaspartic Vs. Epoxy

Install time One day 3-4 days
Return to service Next day 4-5 days
Abraison resistance 4x superior ASTM D 968
Unlimited build of film thickness in 1 coat* Yes No
Odor Very Low HIGH
VOCs VOC Free High VOCs
High solid content Yes no
Application temperatures as low as 32° F - 0° C above 55° F
Elongation / expands with surface / joint Yes (50> Epoxy) No
Color stability UV Stable Non-UV Stable
Gloss retention Very Good Poor
Chemical resistance Great Poor

Superior Strength & Durability

Ideally suited for the heaviest aerials, tankers or pumpers, our product has been designed and tested to meet the rigid demands of today's firehouse floor resurfacing projects. Our reputation has been built upon utilizing outstanding firehouse flooring materials, so you can confidently park your apparatus on them for decades to come.

All of our floor Polyaspartic products meet the most rigid Federal, State and Local VOC laws. These concrete floor surfaces provide maximum chemical resistance, are easy to clean yet safe, and have been formulated to satisfy all the demands and expectations of today's fire station community. Each and every concrete resurfacing installation is backed by our exclusive five year peeling and delimitation warranty. Performance bonds can ensure your warranty is backed up.

Why Polyaspartic?

  • Abrasion and impact resistance
  • Chemical & stain resistance
  • UV resistance
  • VOC's free
  • One-day installation
  • 24-hour return-to-service
  • 5 year warranty
  • Lowest prices in the industry

Professional Installation Team

The true strength of Rhino lies in the expertise of our floor resurfacing installation teams. Using the latest equipment and proven installation techniques, our craftsmen install a masterpiece with every firehouse flooring project by incorporating a professional dedicated work ethic.

Rhino is the exclusive installer of Polyaspartic coatings for Fire and EMS. We can confidently say that we have installed more polyaspartic floors in Fire Stations than any other installer anywhere in the United States. Due to our close relationship to the manufacturer of our products we are able to offer the lowest price on Polyaspartic in the industry. Contact us to learn more about how a true 100% full Polyaspartic floor, not a cheap epoxy knockoff. Don't leave your expensive project to chance, call us.

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Product Downloads

Rhino FastFloor™ (PDF)
Rhino FastFloor Color Chart
Rhino Polyaspartic Color Chart (PDF)
Chem-thane DCP
Cured Coating Properties- Epoxy vs. Polyurethane vs. Polyaspartic (PDF)
Polyaspartic Coating Chemical Test Results (PDF)

Polyaspartic Coatings FAQs

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What Exactly are Polyaspartics?

Polyaspartics were invented in the 1990's by a German chemical company named “Bayer” (the same company that makes the aspirin). Technically, polyaspartics are a type of polymer called “polyurea aliphatics”. Polyureas are two-part systems, meaning that they require a resin to be mixed with a catalyst to create the curing reaction that hardens and cures the material. Polyurea is what makes Rhino Polyaspartic so highly durable. Although polyaspartics have been available for many years, their use as commercial metal and floor coatings have been relatively recent.

How is the Polyaspartic you install different than the epoxy we all see at the big box stores?

Much like buying a fake Rolex on the streets of New York, the difference is that it doesn’t last long and doesn’t look as good as the real thing. The polyaspartic we use is pure unadulterated If it’s a commercial application, we also use a 4th Polyaspartic top coat. With all things, it’s not just the product we use that makes it so good, it’s the process and tooling we use to do good work. If your just trying to make something look a little better before you sell it, or you don’t use it very often, an epoxy at a box store should hold out long enough. We have seen hot tires stick and rip of the flooring folks went to work the next day.

A major home improvement store offers a 2-coat "Premium Floor Coating" at $2.25per square foot, however, they include the thickness of the flakes as part of their overall finished thickness. They also have a square foot minimum of 500 sq ft. This means that their "Premium Package" is actually 8-12 mils and for a 2 car garage that’s $1125.00 and less than half the thickness of our floors and it is not turn key. This same Home Improvement Company charges extra for crack repair and non-skid additive and by the time you add those into the price your paying the same thing as you are with us except your getting twice the thickness, durability and product. The flakes included at the home improvement store are added to the top coat and are therefore left exposed, rather than encapsulated, so that the overall durability of your coating is then only as strong as the flakes themselves. Trust us, you don't want that.