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Diamond Polished Commercial Concrete Solutions

Commercial Concrete Solutions

Diamond Polished Design Group Inc. is proud to provide affordable concrete solutions for Commercial and Industrial contractors and clients throughout the greater mid-Atlantic region including Virginia, Charlotte, Raleigh and Atlanta. Our commercial solutions include Polyaspartic concrete coatings, polished concrete,Terrazzo Restoration, stains, dyes and concrete stencils that can transform plain concrete without the tear-outs, mess and costly installation of new concrete. Our substrate products are of the highest quality and have been time-tested to withstand steady foot traffic, heavy industrial equipment and provide chemical resistance. 

Common Applications

  • Schools
  • Hospitals & Veterinary Facilities
  • Office/Retail
  • Restaurant/Food Service
  • Service Centers/Automotive Garage
  • Warehouse
  • Hotels
  • Prisons
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Government Buildings

Highest Quality Products

We only use the finest products to coat and resurface your concrete floor. Each of our products are specially formulated to provide a long lasting, durable finish for Commercial & Industrial interior and exterior concrete surfaces.

Polyaspartic Concrete Coatings

Using Polyaspartic, the industry gold standard in floor coatings, we can protect as well as add functional beauty to your Commercial or Industrial space. Polyaspartic coatings are 50% more flexible than epoxy coatings, have 4 times the abrasion wear resistance and are 100% UV stable unlike epoxy.

Learn more about polyaspartic concrete coatings.

Polished Concrete

Transform old or current concrete or Terrazzo slabs with the most versatile, and durable flooring surfaces on the market, all while capturing the elegance of polished marble or granite. Stop the wax and strip cycle forever!

Learn more about polished concrete.

Stained & Dyed Concrete

Using concrete stains and dye we can transform your concrete into a stone or marble look. It's not a concrete paint but a permanent change that will not peel chip or fade. Resembling marble, leather or stone, staining and dying concrete is one of the most cost effective surface solutions found on the market today.

Learn more about stained & dyed concrete.

Stenciled Concrete

Enhance the curb appeal and functionality of your business with a professional finish from Rhino. Using concrete stenciling we can provide beautiful, long-lasting alternatives to a costly stamped concrete or stone installation. Choose from our wide range of styles to create the look of natural stone, tile or brick quickly and for a fraction of the cost.

Learn more about stenciled concrete.

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